Gray Wolf
Biological information
Time period : Pleistocene to Holocene epochs
Lifestyle : Carnivore
In the series
Brought back : No
Appearances : A Mammoth Undertaking

Gray Wolves are wild canids which first appeared during the Pleistocene epoch and still exist today.

In Prehistoric ParkEdit

A Mammoth UndertakingEdit

A pack of wolves attacked Nigel Marven, his crew and a sick and grieving Woolly mammoth during the night. Nigel managed to ward off the wolves before they could get to the mammoth.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The wolves in Prehistoric Park were live-acted by Siberian huskies.


  • The wolves should have at least been live-acted by wolf/dog hybrids, which looks closer to a wolf than a husky is to the wolf.