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Biological information
Time period : Late Cretaceous period.
Lifestyle : Carnivore
In the series
Brought back : One unintentionally, dubbed Rascal
Appearances : Supercroc

Troodon is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous. The name "Troodon" means "wounding tooth." They were part of the troodont family, which included Mei long and Stenonychosaurus. They are shown living in Texas alongside Deinosuchus, Albertosaurus, and Parasaurolophus.

In Prehistoric Park[]


A Troodon is first encountered heading towards Nigel's jeep, with more already there feeding on meat meant to be used as bait for a Deinosuchus. Nigel scares them away with a bike horn. That night, the Troodon return and steal the bait as it is left for the Deinosuchus.

Troodon eating some the bait the first time.

Later, when Nigel is bringing a Deinosuchus back to the park, a Troodon manages to sneak into the back of Nigel's jeep to eat what's left of meat. After they all make it to the present, Bob is picking up Nigel's mess with the jeep when the Troodon pops out of the back and starts attacking him. This causes Bob to lose control of the vehicle and spooks the park's herd of Titanosaurs and nearly crashing into one. As Bob gets out of the jeep the Troodon escapes into the woods. Later Nigel spots the Troodon chasing a park worker over the security cameras. Weeks later Bob manages to capture the Troodon and names him Rascal.


  • The Troodon model is a recolored Mei long model.
  • The scene where Nigel scares a pack of Troodon off with a blow horn is likely a reference to the documentary Chased by Dinosaurs, in which Nigel scares away a pack of Velociraptors that were attacking him.


  • Troodon in the series only have a coating of feathers, but in reality they also had wings and a tail fan.
  • Like other Theropods, Troodonts didn't have pronated hands, so they couldn't bend their wrists far downwards without breaking them.
  • Troodonts, in general, were actually omnivores, not pure carnivores.
  • It's highly likely that Troodon had a owl-like ring around its eyes.
  • Troodon has recently had most of it's specimens moved into other genera, leaving only a tooth as merit to the genus
  • There is no evidence that any Troodontid lived in Texas. They lived in the northern US and Canada.