The Titanosaurs may be the cause of lots of park trouble, but they also help when needed. They towed the jeep in episode 5 when the forest was burning. Nigel went through the portal and told Bob, so then when Nigel tied the red rope to the tail, they were towing the jeep. Bob enticed them with a nice wheelbarrow of stones.

Big troublesEdit

These beasts are responsible for trouble in the park, such as freeing all the creatures, and destroying Bob's first design for the bug house.
Pp sauropod logo

The titanosaur featured on the logo.


The TitanosaursEdit

So, these giants were featured in the opening, the Prehistoric Park logo and also in episode 3-6. They are also responsible for breaking all the enclosures in episode 6 (supercroc). Appearances: Dino Birds (episode3), Saving The Sabertooth (episode4), The Bug House (episode5) and Supercroc (episode6).

Prehistoric Park Episode 3 Dino Birds-1

Prehistoric Park Episode 3 Dino Birds-1

Herbivores or Carnivores? Herbivores. They eat tough plants.
First episode?  Dino Birds.

Watch the video, I put it up there.

How big? They range from 23 feet to 122 feet.

The biggest weighed about 70 tons. TONS.

What do they eat? Tough plants, like ferns and cycads. They also swallowed stones to grind up the food.



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