T-Rex Hill
T-rex hill
Enclosure information
Inhabitants : 2 Tyrannosaurus rex named Terrence and Matilda
In the series
Appearances : T-Rex Returns
A Mammoth Undertaking
Saving the Sabretooth
The Bug House

T-Rex Hill is an enclosure in Prehistoric Park where the park's resident Tyrannosaurus rex, Terrence and Matilda are kept.


T-Rex Hill has a menagerie of different habitats for the Tyrannosaurus rex to thrive in. There are several open spaces for the dinosaurs to run around in as well as forest and scrub for shade. T-Rex Hill is situated close to a hill as the team's intention was to allow the Tyrannosaurus rex to look over its domain. Also within the enclosure is a lake and a footpath cutting through it.


T-Rex Hill is surrounded by a tall wooden fence. Near the entrance, the wooden fence is made up of slats with gaps between them, used for viewing the captive creatures. However, the rest of the fence is made of wooden slats with no gaps.

The enclosure has a derrick used for feeding the Tyrannosaurus rex inside. The derrick probably remains on site as it would be illogical and unnecessary to move it back and forth throughout ever day.

As the captive Tyrannosaurus rex matured, the constant play fights became actual, violent fights. As a result, the team built a barricade dividing the enclosure and the creatures. However, in one instance (Episode 5), the barricade was bypassed and the creatures battled each other.

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