Saba Douglas-Hamilton and Nigel Marven looking for the Saber-tooth cub.

Saba Douglas-Hamilton is a big cat expert in Prehistoric Park. She goes with Nigel Marven to South America 10,000 years ago where Saber-Toothed Cats were on their last legs.

She saw that South America had no megafauna, which means there were no Toxodon and no Terror Birds and very few Smilodon! She and Nigel guess that all the Smilodon are hunting on their own by now. She finds some saber-toothed scat. Saba also has found a saber-toothed cub, but it was too late. Nigel has found out that the female couldn't provide enough milk. The cub sadly died of starvation. She goes to look for the mother Saber-Toothed Cat. She almost gets hunted by the mother but her walkie-talkie scares the cat off. Saba finds the mother hunting a deer. She soon feels sorry for the cat when she failed to catch the deer. She and Nigel find out that the cat has another cub who is alive but weak and hungry. The mother has no milk to feed the cub. They tranquilize a male Smilodon who they fear could kill the cub. They find the female specimen and finds the cub has died from starvation. They tranquilize the female with sad faces that the cubs couldn't make it. 

In other programsEdit

She performed Big Cat Diary, along with Jonathan Scott (cheetahs) and Simon King (lions). Her part was the leopards. She is an expert at studying apex predators like cats.

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