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Prehistoric Park

Welcome to the Ultimate Wildlife Sanctuary!

Prehistoric Park is a docu-fictional Wildlife Sanctuary that aims to bring back live specimens of extinct animals back to the present day so that later they may get breeding populations of more species, until hopefully one day, some species may get released back into the wild. The Park acquires its long-extinct residents via Time Portal, an object that would allow objects and animals to travel back and forth through time era. Wildlife adventurer and new Time Traveler Nigel Marven is the head of the Animal Rescue Team in the Park. Bob Arthur is the Parks Head Game Keeper and is in charge of providing the Park’s residents with all the necessities. And finally, there is Suzanne McNabb, the Park’s head Veterinarian who heals the creatures of Prehistoric park. The shows are over-voiced by the TV actor David Jason. It is the ultimate wildlife park. Welcome to a land of prehistory! Welcome to Prehistoric park!


Prehistoric Park has many employees. We do not know the names of many of them, however, these are the ones that are:

Prehistoric CreaturesEdit

Prehistoric Park's main priority is to bring back the amazing animals that time has left behind from the edge of extinction and place them in the ultimate wildlife sanctuary. The Park currently contains 19 species. Here are the creatures that Nigel and his team have successfully brought back:

Prehistoric Creatures that were left in the past are:

Extant CreaturesEdit

Prehistoric Park is not only home to many extinct species but also is the home to many endangered or rare animals that are still alive today, these include:

Locations within the ParkEdit

Prehistoric Park is just a Time Portal and exhibits, Yes, there are many locations within the Park Itself:

the series title is a better version of the incorrect jurasic park, showing all of prehistory instead of one period.

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