Biological information
Time period : Late Cretaceous period
Lifestyle : Herbivore
In the series
Brought back : 30 Males and 30 Females
Appearances : Supercroc

Parasaurolophus was a herbivorous dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period of what is now North America, about 77-65 MYA. It was related to Iguanodon and Edmontosaurus. It walked both on all four legs and ran on just two. Parasaurolophus had a long crest on its head and grew to 10 meters long - medium-sized by dinosaur standards, so it lived in herds to protect it from predators such as Deinosuchus and Albertosaurus. They are the first dinosaur encountered in episode 6.


  • Supercroc: Nigel met a small herd of two at the beginning of this episode and a larger herd later on. He also saw a Deinosuchus preying on a young Parasaurolophus.


  • Parasaurolophus was not one of the animals that came to Prehistoric Park, but a herd of Parasaurolophus were seen in the intro implying that after his adventure, Nigel went back and rescued a herd of Parasaurolophus.


  • The Parasaurolophus are too skinny.
  • Parasaurolophus was proven to have a deeper bellow sounds and should sound like this.
  • Parasaurolophus could have had skin attaching its crest to the back of its head as some scientists suggested, but this is a speculation.


  • A Closeup
  • In Supercroc (Episode)
  • Stampeding around Nigel’s car
  • Deinosuchus grabbing a young Parasaurolophus
  • 2 Parasaurolophus standing on their back legs
  • Four Parasaurolophus
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