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Biological information
Time period : Late Cretaceous period
Lifestyle : Carnivore
In the series
Brought back : None, 1 Male and 1 Female appear in the opening title of episodes.
Appearances : T-Rex Returns

Nyctosaurus (meaning "night lizard" or "bat lizard") is a genus of nyctosaurid pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous period of what is now the Niobrara Formation of the mid-western United States, which, during the time Nyctosaurus was alive, was covered in an extensive shallow sea. Some remains belonging to a possible Nyctosaurus species called N. lamegoi have been found in Brazil, making Nyctosaurus more diverse. The genus Nyctosaurus has had numerous species referred to it, though how many of these may actually be valid requires further study. At least one species possessed an extraordinarily large antler-like cranial crest.

It has been suggested that it would have flown similar to modern-day soaring birds such as albatrosses, which consisted of flying very long distances and rarely flapping. The species N. gracilis and N. nanus have previously been considered as species of the closely related Pteranodon, back then known as P. gracilis and P. nanus, due to their similarities.

Portrayal in the series[]

Nyctosaurus were social animals, living in flocks.  They were ichthyophagous, meaning that they ate primarily fish.  They would hunt by skimming their lower jaw in the water until they felt something.  They would then clamp their jaws shut.  However, whilst feeding, Nyctosaurus would be at risk of predators like Deinosuchus. (PP: Supercroc)

Nyctosaurus had a unique head crest. The L-shaped crest was used primarily for display, like the tail of a peacock.

In the series[]

A flock of Nyctosaurus. (T-Rex Returns)

T-Rex Returns[]

5 Nyctosauruses were briefly seen flying over Nigel Marven at a waterfall.


Nigel observed a flock of Nyctosaurus. Shortly afterwards, Nigel joined them in the air by using a microlight. Nigel watched as an individual caught a fish. He then watched in awe as the same Nyctosaurus was eaten by a Deinosuchus which plucked it out of the skies.


  • 2 Nyctosaurus appeared in the park in the opening titles even though Nigel never brought one back to the park in the series.
  • This could imply that after his adventure, Nigel went back and rescued 2 Nyctosaurus. This could also just have been a non-canonical way to put a pterosaur with the title in order to enhance the "prehistoric" feel.
  • Nyctosaurus is the only creature to appear in multiple time travel expeditions


  • In real life, Nyctosaurus went extinct 19 million years before the KT Extinction event.
    • They also became extinct 2 million years before the events of Supercroc, about 84 million years ago.
    • A replacement for them in both the above mentioned episode and T-Rex Returns would've been Pteranodon.
  • They are too skinny. They need airs sacks all over the body, giving it an bulky appearance.
  • The Nyctosaurus had pycnofibres.
  • The bottom point on the crest need to be equal length to the top one.
  • The non-extended fingers on the wing should be too small to see.
  • There is no longer good evidence to support the idea that pterosaurs skim fed.