Nigel Marven is the main character of Prehistoric Park. His job involves traveling back in time and rescuing extinct animals from the brink of extinction. He appears in all 6 episodes.

Nigel with his jeep

Nigel in his jeep.

In the ParkEdit

Nigel is responsible for traveling back in time to collect the animals. Nigel is the hero behind Prehistoric Park and the main character in the series. Nigel's job around the park is mainly to catch the Prehistoric creatures, such as Tyrannosaurus rexes, Triceratops, Ornithomimus, Wooly Mammoth, Elasmotherium, Microraptors, Titanosaurus, Terror Bird, Smilodons, Arthropleura, Pulmonoscorpius, Meganeura, Deinosuchus and, accidentally, Troodon. Nigel is usually seen in scenes set in the past. However, he has also some memorable adventures in the park in the present. These include joining Bob for a jousting match with the Park's teenage Triceratops when Terrence begins destroying Suzanne's veterinary clinic, and the mass break out at the end of Supercroc

In Real LifeEdit

Born in 1960, Nigel Marven showed early promise as a budding naturalist. He was running a biopic colony at age eight and racing stick insects along his mother's clothesline by the time he was nine. In his early 

Nigel Marven-full

Nigel and Matilda

teens, Nigel graduated to larger creatures, keeping a caiman, magpie and boa constrictors in his parents' house. He even saved a freshwater eel from being jellied, housing it in the bathtub. When anyone needed a soak, the slippery creature was put in a bucket.

Family holidays in the Mediterranean became zoological expeditions, as young Nigel scampered over the countryside, pillowcase in hand, catching snakes and lizards for study and then release.

Once his school studies were over, Nigel took a year-out traveling throughout America, where he met hellbenders and amphibians in the wild (both are kinds of salamanders). Returning to the UK, he moved to Bristol to read Botany and Zoology at a university. This would prove to be the ideal place for him: first, because he could pursue his interest in the natural world at an academic level; and second, because Bristol is the world capital of wildlife filmmaking.

Trivia Edit

  • Nigel Marven revealed on his website and on twitter than his favorite dinosaur is the Microraptor.
  • Nigel Marven is a vegetarian, as implied in the episode Dinobirds and at other times while filming other shows.
  • On twitter, Nigel Marven has revealed that he would be interested in rescuing Spinosaurus if there was another season of Prehistoric Park.
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