Mei long
Biological information
Time period : Early Cretaceous period
Lifestyle : Carnivore
In the series
Appearances : Dinobirds

Mei long (or just Mei) were featured in the third episode of Prehistoric Park, where they attacked Ben (One of Nigel's crew) for the meat in his backpack. Before that attack, Mei had recently raided the campsite, shredding the sleeping bags, tents and other food bags, leaving a scratch mark on one of the tents. Later a pack of Mei were found dead near a volcano, suffocated by the toxic gas cloud in their sleep. They were also known as the 'Sleeping Dragons' according to paleontologists .


  • While the Mei long do have a feather coating, they are missing wings and a tail fan.
  • Mei long shouldn't have pronated hands as how entertainment usually shows them (Jurassic Park, etc), since their arms/wings were very bird-like, other than having clawed fingers.
  • Mei long in the series were the size of a small child-about the size of Troodon. It is not out of the question that they even used the same CGI Model. In real life, Mei long were actually the size of a duck.
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