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Biological information
Time period : Late Carboniferous period
Lifestyle : Carnivore
In the series
Brought back : One Male
Appearances : The Bug House

Meganeura, also called a "Giant Dragonfly", was featured as one of the main animals in Episode 5. The high oxygen level in the Carboniferous Period allowed this creature (and many others) to grow to very large size. This was the first giant bug Nigel caught. 

Meganeura with Nigel Marven

In Prehistoric Park[]

The Bug House[]

Meganeura was first seen flying past Nigel when Nigel climbed a tree. He climbs down to follow the creature. Then, while we see some griffinflies flying over a pond, Nigel sees his chance. He tried to catch at least 1 by the means of a huge butterfly net. But a net large enough to catch a dragonfly with a wingspan the size of an eagle's wingspan is clumsy and Nigel failed to hold the net, let alone catch a Meganerua. Then, something bit Nigel, so he moved to the shore. Later, on a second try, he tried a 8 foot water and detergent gun. After many failed tries, he finally sprays 1 and catches it with the butterfly net. He found the creature that bit him, so he gave the Meganeura to his crewmate while he went to catch the Crassigyrinus. Later, Nigel grabbed the griffinfly out of a transportion cage to show the cameraman what makes the animal different from modern dragonflies: some grabsing claws on it's tail. He put the male Meganerua back in the cage. Later at the Bughouse, Bob checks on the new giant bugs. The Pulmonoscorpius and the Meganeura are doing well and so was Ben the Arthropleura. The griffinfly flies over the other bugs and we can see a dome to keep him in the house of the lizards.