Mammoth Mount
Mammoth Mount
Enclosure information
Inhabitants : 1 Woolly mammoth named Martha and 11 African elephants
In the series
Appearances : A Mammoth Undertaking, Dinobirds, The Bug House (episode) and Supercroc
Mammoth Mount is in the upland regions of the park and has a home for the park's resident Woolly Mammoth and a small herd of modern African elephants. This is Martha the Mammoth's home. The enclosure's terrain is dry, made up mostly of Serengeti-like open grassland with a few trees and shrubs. Its one of the few exhibits that is not suited to its residents, as the climate is far too warm for an Ice Age mammal like Martha. In Dinobirds, Nigel even points this out, and confirms that building the park in a warm country was necessary for the park's growing reptile and dinosaur population which make up the bulk of the park's inhabitants. Fortunately for Martha, this problem was rectified by making sure Martha's hair is regularly cut to prevent overheating. Unlike the other exhibits, Mammoth Mount only has small wooden barriers, which appear to keep the animals caged despite their paltry appearance. There is also a small holding paddock within the enclosure where
Mammoth home

Martha in her home before living with the African elephant herd

Martha was kept before releasing her into the main enclosure because they were unsure of how the elephants would react. Mammoth Mount recently endured a serious Tyrannosaurus rex invasion, which broke barriers and almost caused the death of the elephant herd's only calf, which given their slow reproductive rate, would have been a major blow. Fortunately, Martha repelled the attack and the damage to the enclosure was quickly repaired by the new employees.