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Biological information
Time period : Pleistocene epoch
Lifestyle : Herbivore
In the series
Brought back : 1 male.
Appearances : A Mammoth Undertaking and

Elasmotherium, also known as the giant rhinoceros, is an extinct genus of rhinoceros indigenous to Eurasia during the Pleistocene epoch, and is best known for the large horn on its head.


The best-known species, E. sibiricum (also known as the Siberian unicorn) was the size of an African giraffe and is thought to have borne a large, thick horn on its forehead which was used for defense, attracting mates, driving away predators, sweeping snow from the grass in winter, and digging for water and plant roots. Like all rhinos, Elasmotherium were herbivorous. Unlike many others, its high-crowned molars were ever-growing. Its legs were longer than those of other rhinos and were designed for running, giving it a zebra-like gait.

The largest known specimens of E. sibiricum reach up to 4.5 meters long with shoulder heights over 2 m (6 ft 7 in) while E. caucasicum reaches at least 5 meters body length with an estimated mass of 6 tonnes based on isolated molars that significantly exceed those known from the Siberian species. Both species were among the largest in the rhino family, comparable in size to the woolly mammoth and larger than the contemporary woolly rhinoceros Coelodonta. The feet were unguligrade, the front larger than the rear, with 4 digits at the front and 3 at the rear.[1]

The Elasmotherium trying to break through the gate. (A Mammoth Undertaking)

In Prehistoric Park[]

A Mammoth Undertaking[]

When Nigel traveled back to Asia 150,000 years ago to collect plant samples for Martha the woolly mammoth, he encountered a large male Elasmotherium who was investigating his snowmobile. While at first it didn't notice Nigel because of it's poor eyesight, but picked up on Nigel's scent and began coming closer as Nigel backed away. Unfortunately, a bull woolly mammoth appeared. He was highly aggressive as he was going into musth, and, therefore, charged Nigel, causing the latter to drop the bag of plants and run for his snowmobile, which he managed to escape on.

As Nigel went to retrieve his food bag he planned to rescue the Elasmotherium as he was grazing near the bag. Once he retrieved the bag Nigel waited for the rhino to charge him, allowing him to chase him through the portal and eventually into a holding pen. Later he could be seen grazing in his new enclosure.


The Elasmotherium charging at the flock of Ornithomimus (Supercroc)

During head keeper, Bob's shift of cleaning the dung out of the Elasmotherium enclosure, the park's Phorusrhacos escaped and investigated Bob, but was quickly lured back to his own enclosure by two other keepers with a piece of meat tied to a car.

Later that day the Elasmotherium's fencing was broken down by a rampaging Titanosaur, allowing him to escape. They graze near the park's flock of Ornithomimus. Bob tried to round up him and the nearby flock of Ornithomimus, but they were all quickly scared away by Matilda, a T. rex. Eventually, he and the other escaped animals were captured and returned to their enclosures.



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