Biological information
Time period : Late Cretaceous period
Lifestyle : Carnivore
In the series
Brought back : 1 female
Appearances : Supercroc
Deinosuchus was a species of giant crocodilian that died out 73 MYA. Deinosuchus lurked in the rivers and seas, waiting for big prey to come, but it would also attack smaller creatures. Its prey included Parasaurolophus and its competitor is the theropod dinosaur Albertosaurus.

Portrayal in the Series Edit

Deinosuchus had the overall natural appearance of any crocodile; rough, scaly skin, long snout, legs spread out, teeth going up and down from jaws, etc. However, it was far larger than any crocodilian. Measuring 50 feet (15 m) in length and weighing up to 10 tons, Deinosuchus was the largest crocodilian of all time. They were also swampy green in color and had yellow eyes.

Though normally living in rivers and lakes, Deinosuchus, like many modern-day crocodilians, would venture out into the open oceans to find food. Deinosuchus also lived in numbers of five or six individuals.

Prehistoric Park Edit

This crocodile was the main creature for Episode 6, and was surprisingly easy to catch, considering almost every creature (as Tyrannosaurus rex and Microraptor did), took more than one attempt to capture with the exception of the Terror Bird. Nigel Marven witnessed a Deinosuchus preying on a young Parasaurolophus. He later witnesses several Deinosuchus scare-off an Albertosaurus pack from their kill and builds a trap for the giant

A group

crocodilians. Unfortunately, several Troodon steal the bait instead, so Nigel is forced to bait the trap with himself. He is successful and captures a Deinosuchus before bringing it back to Prehistoric Park. The lake for the crocodile is just at the end of the time portal so Nigel grabs a big piece of meat and takes the crocodilian to the pool.

Finally, at the end of the episode, during the mass break-out, Matilda the T. rex chases Nigel, and at one point the captured Deinosuchus jumps out of the water and attacks Matilda, but misses, and gets fought off by the Tyrannosaurus rex. This however, gives Nigel more time to reach higher ground and escape Matilda. 


  • A Deinosuchus attacks Nigel in the raft on the river, Nigel is barefoot one minute and has shoes on the next.  
  • Deinosuchus is more related to alligators than to the crocodile.  
  • Deinosuchus was actually closer to 40 feet and 9 tons in real life although fragmentary remains 1.5 times bigger indicate that Deinosuchus could grow to 50 feet in length and 18 tons in weight.


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