Bug house
Enclosure information
Inhabitants : Arthropleura, Meganeura and Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis
In the series
Appearances : The Bug House (episode)
The Bug House is a concrete and brick structure with two adjoining rooms, each with a dome on its roof. They resemble the biomes used in the Edem Project and are presumably constructed in the same way, with tubular steel frames with hexagonal transparent panels made from a triple layer of thin UV-transparent ETFE film, inflated to create a large space between the two sides and trapping heat like double glazed windows. (Glass is too heavy and potentially dangerous). The occupants include an Arthroplerua, a Meganeura and a Pulmonoscorpius.

During the construction, the site was plagued by the free-roaming herd of Titanosaurs which were probably searching the site for gastroliths. This may have been a minor problem for the dinosaurs, but they would frequently knock over the walls and generally cause havoc. Fortunately, this restless behavior stopped soon after its completion.

The entrance has two air-tight doors with a long corridor between, serving as an airlock. The two adjoining rooms have walls made mostly out of transparent bubbles, presumably for viewing the animals inside. Inside there appears to be no partition separating the species. It is filled entirely with tropical plants, but does not have a pond: this may be why Nigel was reluctant to bring back large amphibians. The Bug House was only seen in the titular episode, so little is known about its construction besides the above mentioned. A demonstration with a lighted taper showed that the structure, due to its high oxygen atmosphere (35% nitrox), is vulnerable to fire; so it presumably has adequate fire alarm and sprinkler systems. It's final fate is unknown.