Ben is an Arthropleura that lives in the Bughouse and made an appearance in the episode The Bug House

Ben in the wild


Nigel sees a forest fire so he carries a Pulmonoscorpius in the cage and sees a couple of creatures escaping from the fire. Nigel tripped on something, but it was no ordinary fallen log.... It was Ben. Nigel realized that the giant centipede buried himself in the leaves cause he felt the heat, but he is going to be burned alive, unless Nigel can save him. Nigel leaves cause he'll be back with something. He comes out, pounces and wraps Ben and one of Nigel's crew members ties him so he won't escape. Nigel opens the portal and ties the jeep to a rope and the Titanosaur pulls the jeep back to the park. Back at the Insect House, Bob is checking up on the new arrivals. Bob sees the Pulmonoscorpius and the Meganeura and finally sees Ben. Bob said that he is actually a vegetarian, "I'm really rather fond of him. I thinks it's because he's big. He's not like any wiggly, little spider or something that creeps up behind you, like a proper animal."