Biological information
Time period : Late Carboniferous period
Lifestyle : Herbivore
In the series
Brought back : One male named Ben
Appearances : The Bug House
Arthropleura was a giant centipede-like arthropod. It grew to the size of a man. Arthropleura was herbivorous. Arthropleura were one of the first mainly herbivorous terrestrial animals, they had strong jaws, but it is unlikely that it may have been poisonous for defense. The high oxygen level in the Carboniferous Period allowed this creature (and many others) to grow to very large sizes. Many fossilized footprints from Arthropleura can been found on the coast of Scotland. It is the largest known land invertebrate of all time and would have had few predators.(If any as an adult.) There are footprints in the Scottish land of Arron.

In Prehistoric ParkEdit

The Bug HouseEdit

Nigel first sees an Arthropleura standing on it's tail. Nigel tries to catch it, but it escapes. Nigel sees what he thinks are the same tracks he saw on the Scottish island of Arron!  

Nigel sees a forest fire so he carries the Pulmonoscorpius in the cage and sees a couple of creatures escaping from the fire. Nigel tripped on something, but it was no ordinary fallen log.... It was another Arthropleura. Nigel realized that the giant centipede buried itself in the leaves cause it felt the heat, but the Arthropleura is going to be burned alive, unless Nigel can save it. Nigel leaves cause he'll be back with something. He comes out, pounces and wraps the Arthropleura and one of Nigel's crew members ties the Arthropleura so it won't escape. Nigel opens the portal and ties the jeep to a rope and a Titanosaur pulls the jeep back to the park. Bob than rewards the Titanosaur a rock, just the way how to say "thank you". Everyone hugs Nigel as he rescued 3 giant Carboniferous arthropods from the forest fire.

PP Arthropleura

  Back at the Insect House, Bob is checking up on the new arrivals. Bob sees the Pulmonoscorpius and the Meganeura and finally sees the Arthropleura named Ben . Bob said that the Arthropleura is actually a vegetarian, "I'm really rather fond of him. I thinks it's because he's big. He's not like any wiggly, little spider or something that creeps up behind you, like a proper animal."

Trivia Edit

  • The Arthropluera in Prehistoric Park is similar to the one in Walking With Monsters
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