African Elephant
Biological information
Time period : Holocene Epoch
Lifestyle : Herbivore
In the series
Brought back : N/A
Appearances : A Mammoth Undertaking
Saving the Sabretooth
The Bug House
African bush elephants are the largest modern terrestrial animals on Earth. The cows live in groups called herds, while the bulls normally live alone except for mating. They are distinguished from their Asian relatives (Elephas maximus) as African elephants have dipped backs, large ears, and rather wrinkly skin. Herds are led by a fifty to sixty year old grandmother called a matriarch. The herd stops, sleeps, and feeds/drinks when she does. In the wild, African Savanna Elephants feed on a diet of grasses, fruits, bark, tree leaves, vines, and shrubs. Elephants have a gestation period of twenty-two months. The calves are 200 pounds at birth, and take about eight to ten years to mature. Elephants are a keystone species, as they both play a crucial role in seed dispersal, and help clear trees on the savanna, which allows more grass to grow for the grazers. Both species of African Elephant are listed as vulnerable species, while Asian Elephants are endangered. They are poached for their ivory tusks, their habitat is under threat, and they have been killed for damaging crops.

African elephants make their debut in episode two. Prehistoric Park has a herd of ten African Elephants with one calf, however during Episode 2, Martha the Mammoth was introduced to the herd. The Matriarch of the herd allowed Martha to join the herd, but then changed her mind for unknown reasons. During the Mass Break-Out, Matilda the T. rex managed to separate the herd's only calf from the rest of the herd. But Martha, although the herd earlier drove her away, instinctively defends the calf. The herd let her play with the calf. This shows that the elephants apologized to Martha and let her become an accepted member of the herd. 


The herd of elephants